Registration Details

Registration TypeEarly Bird Registration
Ending Sept. 30th
Normal Registration
Ending Nov. 30th
Late Registration
Ending Dec. 31st
Athlete$ 125.00$ 150.00$ 185.00***
Coach*$ 85.00$ 100.00$ 100.00
Parent$ 50.00$ 65.00$ 65.00
Spectator**$ 45.00$ 45.00$ 45.00
The above dates are based on Pacific Standard Time – Normal Registration rates end at 11:59pm PST November 30th, 2022.

*Please note: Competing Coaches rate is the same as the Athlete Registration Rate.

**Due to space limitatons, Spectator registration does not include access to the General Assembly Friday morning.

Athlete registration is now CLOSED. We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

In order to offer the best experience and learning environment possible, we try to maintain a positive balance of coaching staff to high school athlete ratio. For those LATE High Schoolers / Middle Schoolers registered to be on the Waitlist, you will be placed in a High School competition according to your PR and we are working on ways to provide at least some clinic activies.

The National Pole Vault Summit is a non-refundable event.

All major credit cards are accepted.

For questions on which type of registration to choose – see our Event Details page to see what is included.

By Registering for the Pole Vault Summit you agree to acknowledge having read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions.

Please contact us for a Media Credential Request Form.

The Nugget Casino Resort will be our host hotels.

Use discount code GPOLE23 when booking or

Event Details

Clinic Structure / Breakout Groups
The Athletes, Coaches, and Parents are divided into the following categories: Beginners – High School – College – Open – Masters – Coaches – Parents. By taking a grass roots approach to the conceptual development of safe, modern pole vaulting; the activities, drills, and participation groups are specifically set up for all beginner and high school athletes according to their ability level. Lectures and breakout sessions promote and encourage discussions specifically for college, open and masters athletes; coaches, as well as separate sessions specific for parents.  The new classroom / conversational style setting has proven to be a more direct environment to ask questions, and cover the topics / information that you are looking for!  Coaches and athletes of all levels have something to gain from this unique structure and unparalleled access.

Activities for Beginners / High School Boys / High School Girls
Beginners – High School Boys – High School Girls: Are broken up into smaller activity groups according to ability. These groups of 15 to 20 similar level vaulters whether you are a State Champion or have yet to pick up a vaulting pole.  Each group is led by National Staff Members through vault exercise, drills, and discussion to provide a fun “learn by doing” environment specific to your vault ability.

Lectures for Coaches / College and Masters Athletes
Coaches / College and Masters Athletes: Lectures led by leading National and International Coaches address many challenging issues in the development of maturing athletes and encourage questions and discussion from the athletes. We encourage an open forum and discussion to advance the development of more experienced athletes. Each year the Summit focuses on a few related topics to cover in these breakout sessions. Some of these topics include; the importance of vaulting and training safely, technical training concepts (speed, strength, and gymnastic development), psychological development (mental preparation, stress management, focus, etc.), as well as many others.

Attend your own lectures addressing your growing athlete and managing the success and safety of pole vaulting. Parents are invited to watch the afternoon learn by doing sessions from the stands in the Events Center or check in on your beginning vaulters throughout the day.

Enjoy the environment of the Summit with no lecture or session privileges. The Spectators Pass does allow shuttle service and Arena access but no access to lecture session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The 2023 National Pole Vault Summit is fast approaching.  Below are answers to the common questions as you get ready to head to Reno for the National Pole Vault Summit.  Follow the links to

General Questions

When is the Summit?
Jan. 13th – 14th, 2023. See our Schedule page for more details.
It is best to arrive on Thursday to pick up credentials, get poles sorted out, acclimate to Reno, and immerse yourself with the best group of people in Track and Field – POLE VAULTERS! It is also best to make travel arrangements for Sunday as we cannot guarantee competition times.  Having 66+ competitions on Saturday, you may be vaulting late into the night on Saturday.  Click here to view complete schedules.

How much is it?
It depends on when you register and your registration type see rates here.

Who is speaking?
We work hard to bring the best pole vault minds in the World to Reno. You can get latest presenter updates on our event details page,  and follow us on TWITTER and Instagram @PoleVaultSummit and #PVS2023 for the latest.

We are proud to say that after 30+ years of hosting the National Pole Vault Summit we always deliver top coaches / athletes to offer the latest in Pole Vault Technique / Philosophy / Nutrition / Training tips etc.

What should I bring?
You should prepare like you would for any practice and track meet / vault competition, but below is a list of things to think about bringing..

  • Athletic Gear (sweats / Warm-ups / Workout clothes / PV Uniform / Spikes / Trainers (running shoes) / VAULTING POLES / your parents – coach – friends – teammates)..
  • Spikes – yes you can wear spikes but please limit the spike length to 1/8″.
  • POLES – we have a limited number of pole available – you will want to bring your own.  That way you will be sure to have the right size pole when you are getting ready to set a new PR.
  • Warm Clothes – even though you are indoors most of the time be prepared for some cold weather in Reno – and it does snow here and you never know what the weather will do..
  • Snacks (power bars / protein bars / fruit / PB & J etc.)
  • Water / Water Bottle (we do have water stations at the hotel, but Reno is a dry climate and it is crucial to maintain your hydration – especially when you are active)
  • A pen / marker – You will meet some of the best Pole Vaulters / Coaches in the World (current and past – Olympians, Olympic Champions, World and American Record Holders etc.) don’t be shy they are happy to sign an autograph for you!

Where is the track / pole vault pits?
All vaulting (competitions and pole vault activities), are held at the Reno Livestock Events Center. We do have some activity seasons held at the hotel on Friday, but all runways and PV Landing Areas are set-up at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

When is Lunch?
Check the Summit Schedule for a rough outline for what your day(s) will look like and plan your meals to fit. The schedule is subject to change but those changes will likely be minor and we will update the schedules as they change – If they change.

How do I register?
Online at the Pole Vault Summit registration page.  The next link will take you straight to the Summit Registration. If this does not work you can access it through our Summit Homepage.

Do you (the Pole Vault Summit) provide chaperons?
No. We do not provide chaperons. We do have a large staff looking after your athletes during the scheduled Summit activity sessions but we do not take responsibility to look after them outside of their scheduled activities.

Can I go with my child / athlete to their activities?
Yes, but we have created separate lecture / discussion sessions specifically for Registered Parents and Coaches but you may follow your child’s activity group, or just pop into their session to see how they are doing. If your child is younger we encourage parents to check in and observe their activity group -especially during the Hotel Activity sessions. If your child is in one of the High School groups – you may also observe the activities from the stands in the Livestock Events Center. Check out the Overview and Event Details pages for more details.

I have registered but have decided not to go, can I get a refund?
The Pole Vault Summit is non-refundable.

What is the schedule?
There are several things going on all at the same time so check out the different group schedules here and check back often as this information becomes updated.

Do I need to rent a car?
There is no need for a car to attend Summit activities. Most Reno hotels provide a free airport shuttle (running every 15min to and from the airport), and we (the National Pole Vault Summit) provide a bus service to / from the Hotel and Reno Livestock Events Center.

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Questions regarding competition

What time is my competition?
Expect finalized competitions to be posted by Friday afternoon at the Hotel.  Unfortunately we cannot possibly know all the competition times until ALL summit entrants have registered (recruit your friends to register early). Please plan your travel to depart on Sunday so that you will not miss your competition.

We hesitate to do this because it will likely change, but we plan to post a tentative competition schedule online Wednesday – January 11th, 2023.

*Note, schedule is tentative and subject to change.  Official schedules will be available Friday January 13th, 2023.

My coach says I don’t have to attend the Friday clinics. Can I still compete?
NO, if you want to compete you must attend the clinics. The primary focus of the National Pole Vault Summit is to advance pole vault education, safety, awareness, and performance. The clinic sessions are designed to provide positive reinforcement on safe vaulting skills to advance any level of vaulter. Besides pole vaulting is fun and the clinics give you a chance to take more jumps!

How do you know what competition to put me in?
It is critical to enter your correct PR from last year so that we can ensure ALL competitors are placed in the correct competitions.  If we discover that you lied on your registration form we reserve the right to eject you from the Summit without refund.

I’m in the wrong competition / activity group, can you change me to be in a different group?
Please submit an accurate PR from last year as that is how the activity competitions / groups are set-up. If you cheat your PR up or down it not only puts you in the wrong group, but will impact the entire Summit grouping. This is very important. Once the competitions and activity groups are set we cannot change them.

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Questions Regarding the Hotel

What hotel should I stay at?
The host hotel for 2023 Summit is the Nugget Casino Resort – for more details click here.

How do I get to the Livestock Events Center / is there parking at the Livestock Events Center?
We have free bus service going between the Livestock Events Center and the hotel.  Schedules will be posted on site – you can also download the 2023 BUS SCHEDULE here.

Parking is available at the Livestock Events Center for a fee.

Where can I store my poles at the Hotel?
On your car. There is nowhere else to store your poles at the Hotel. For a more secure storage location you are welcome to take your poles to the Livestock Events Center.  See the Arena SCHEDULE and read the Pole section here.

Can I ship my poles to the Hotel or Arena?
No. DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused.  You can arrange shipping with DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused. You can arrange shipment directly with Southwest Cargo at

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The Vault Facility – Reno Livestock Events Center

Where do we vault?
The vaulting activities and competition will be held at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

Is the Livestock Events Center open for practice?
The Livestock Floor / Runways are CLOSED for warm-up and practice other than your scheduled activities and competition times printed on your credential when you arrive.  You are welcome to use the upper concourse at the Arena to warm-up or the Hotel.

When can I drop off / pick up my poles at the Livestock?
The Drop-Off / Pick-up area at the Reno Livestock Event Center will be open for you to drop off your poles.

  • Wednesday – 12:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Thursday / Friday / Saturday – 8:00am to 11:00pm
  • Sunday – 7:30am – 2:00pm

**Your poles must be picked up no later than 2:00pm on Sunday**

How do I get to the Livestock Events Center?
We have free bus service going between the Livestock Events Center and the hotel. Schedules will be posted on site – you can also download the BUS SCHEDULE here.

Is there parking at the Livestock Events Center?
Parking is available at the Livestock, parking costs $10.00 Friday and Saturday.

How do I ship my poles to the Livestock Events Center?
DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused.  DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused. You can arrange shipment directly with Southwest Cargo at

Is there medical staff?
Yes, we have certified athletic trainers as well as an emergency medical staff on site during the Arena hours.

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Questions Regarding Poles

Do I need to bring poles?
Yes. We encourage each athlete / team to bring your own poles.

Can I buy a pole from the Summit?
Of course – please do! You must pre-order poles to pick them up at the Summit.
We do not sell used poles but call us at (800) 537-7117 to discuss the details and figure out what size pole(s) you want to buy. Give us at least a week to prior to the Summit date so we can make sure to have your pole ready to pick up. We are also happy to fulfill your Vaulting Pole needs throughout the year at (800) 537-7117.

Where can I store my poles?
Reno Livestock Events Center.  Drop-Off / Pick-up area at the Reno Livestock Event Center will be open for you to drop off your poles, complete Arena SCHEDULE.

  • Wednesday – 12:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Thursday / Friday / Saturday – 8:00am to 11:00pm
  • Sunday – 7:30am – 2:00pm

**Your poles must be picked up no later than 2:00pm on Sunday**

How do I get my poles there?
It depends on how you are traveling.
If you are flying – make sure to check with the airline prior to booking your flight to make sure they accept poles as baggage. We recommend Southwest Airlines as they have very favorable vaulting pole policies and allow you to check the poles as baggage for an extra fee. Typically they offer pretty good airfares into Reno too – keep your eyes out for their sales.

When you arrive to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport we offer a FREE pole shuttle service through Reno Tahoe Athletics.  They will take your poles to and from the airport. Someone will be at the airport for you to meet everyday until the last flight arrives. It is the most secure way and you can read all about it below in the “Traveling to Reno by Air” section.

If you are driving – tie the poles down tight and when you roll into town stop off at the Reno Livestock Events Center to drop them off – click here for the Arena SCHEDULE

Where should I ship my poles?
DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused.  DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused. You can arrange shipment directly with Southwest Cargo at

Do you rent poles?
We do have a LIMITED number of poles that you can check out from the Pole Vault Summit. Because there is a small number of poles we cannot guarantee to have the length and weight pole you need at the time you need it, so it is best to bring your own.

Shipping your Poles:

DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or Arena – they will be refused. You can arrange shipment directly with Southwest Cargo at Please DO NOT ship your poles to the Hotel or to the Reno Livestock Events Center –They will be refused – the hotel and the Livestock Arena DO  NOT have accommodations for vaulting pole delivery.

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Questions regarding Travel to Reno:

By Air:  

By Car:   

Traveling to Reno By Air:

Reno-Tahoe International Airport services most airlines with lots of flights daily.  Upon arrival, the hotel provides a free shuttle with frequent pick ups from the North end of Baggage Claim Area. The ride from the Airport to the Hotel is only 7 minutes. If you are traveling with poles, please see Pole Transportation Procedure below. A major airport expansion project is underway but the procedure for traveling with poles remains the same.

If you are bringing poles on your flight:
**Please Note the Sunday Departure Procedure**

Arrival: When you arrive Reno-Tahoe International Airport:
Look for the Pole Vault Summit welcome desk (NORTH end of baggage claim at Reno-Tahoe International). A Reno Tahoe Athletics track club member at the welcome desk, will direct you to the truck where you can drop of your poles to be taken to the Livestock Events Center.  They also give you a flyer with all the information to get your poles back to the airport after the Summit. At the Livestock Events Center your poles will be stored in the Livestock Pavilion which is connected to the main arena through the tunnel on the North side.

Departure: Saturday before you leave the Livestock Events Center:
After your competition on Saturday place your poles in the truck, which will be parked in the Livestock Pavilion (connected to the Arena through the tunnel on the North Side of the Arena).  Do not forget this step – your poles will stay in Reno if you forget this.  Your poles will be waiting for you at the airport (airport delivery is 4:45am).

**Please place the poles ALL THE WAY inside the truck so we can close the door.**

*Security and limited check-in space restrictions do not allow poles to be carried through the ticket counter check-in lanes, therefore requiring the following steps:

  1. Poles will be dropped off by Reno Tahoe Athletics track club Staff OUTSIDE the SOUTH end of the check in area. This is a PRIMARY Staging location where they will be watched over by a security guard until you arrive.
  2. When you arrive at the airport, find your poles and bring them inside to be placed at the INDOOR SECONDARY staging area – between the Southwest Airlines & Frontier Airlines ticket counters. (The location will be clearly marked by signage). Regardless of the airline on which you are traveling, leave them on the floor at this designated spot and then proceed to check-in for your flight at your respective airline.
  3. When checking in for your flight,you must tell the check-in agent that you have poles as checked baggage. Airline personnel will escort you back to the indoor staging area, where they will tag / label your poles. After they are tagged, you must take them to the door behind the staging area designated by a vertical banner with pictures of a skier, bicycler & golfer. Here you will be greeted by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) representative. Please wait until TSA has screened your poles before proceeding to your gate.

“Please allow sufficient time (at least 90 minutes) prior to departure as this process is a bit more time consuming than typical check-in. We are expecting heavy traffic departing Reno on Sunday, due to additional functions in the Reno-Tahoe Area. Your cooperation and attendance to the National Pole Vault Summit is greatly appreciated.

-Thank you!”

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Traveling to Reno By Car:
Reno is most easily accessible by I-80 running East / West and HWY 395 North/South.  The Reno Livestock Event Center are just off of I-80.  Click here for an area map.

In the days approaching the Summit please check the Nevada Department of Transportation website for the latest road and weather conditions.  Inclement weather may cause delays in your travel. It is suggested that you drop off your poles before picking up your credentials or registering on site. Poles will not be allowed in the Hotel, you can keep them on or in your vehicle at your own risk.

If you are bringing Poles on your Car:
Feel free to bring you poles over the Reno Livestock Events Center. There will be a designated pole storage area separate from the AIR travelers at the Reno Livestock Events Center. The Area will be open at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, January 12th and needs to be empty by 2 pm on Sunday, January 15th 2023 – Please take note of these times as the Arena will not be accessible before or after. Click here for a Livestock Events Center schedule.  Poles will not be allowed inside the Hotel, you can keep them on your vehicle at your own risk.

Special transportation needs:
Special Transportation needs such as pick-up and drop-off for individual air cargo can be arranged for an additional charge with the Reno Tahoe Athletics track club. Contact Paul Heglar to make arrangements.

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